Nov 27, 2007

wimper or bang?

Basically, I was looking through the wiki list of dystopian lit and thought, "I wonder what it would do to me if I just read all these books." So, why not? Seems like a good way to spend a year.

I have to note from the beginning: I'm not doing it alphabetically (I'm not that much of a masochist), and I'm leaving the Left Behind series for last, as is fitting, and I may not even bother with it.

- Hank


Ms. Moon said...

Oh my. That looks perfectly dreadful to me. You will become so depressed! Just reading Atlas Shrugged is enough to make me throw myself off a cliff.
But go ahead, dear. Have fun.

downtown guy said...

I have to admit, there are some I'm looking forward to more than others.

Christina said...

You probably should leave out Left Behind. They're such awful books.

The Dispossessed, on the other good.

I'm adding you to my feed as well.

downtown guy said...

Well, like I said - they may well get left behind. (hardeeharhar)

So far, I've enjoyed more of the books than I have disliked, but the bad ones - whew. Nothing worse than bad dystopian fiction (Ayn Rand, I'm looking at you).

Kylie said...

I agree about the Left Behind books. They are truly awful. It's amazing how a great idea can be turned into such rubbish.

I've built up a dystopian wish list (not quite as long as yours!) from that same lovely wiki page. And now it's grown a little longer with your reviews :) I look forward to reading more of them.