Nov 28, 2007

Doc and Fluff by Patrick Califia

Wiki doesn't even have a page on this one, but you could probably find a plot description out there somewhere if you feel the need.

This has got to be the only scifi, dystopian stroke book I've ever read. Queer bikers! Pulp novel dialogue! Lots of fisting! Pimps and hos! Separatist feminism! Some sort of vaguely religious Goddessy retribution! Seriously, I love this shit. Honestly, though, there could have been more sex, don't you think?

final thoughts: Jennifer Tilly, circa 1990, would have been perfect to play Fluff in the film version. Except I'm pretty sure the book didn't come out until '96. update: I've just been informed that the book was first published in '90. So there you go.


Anonymous said...

actually, "doc & fluff" first came out in 1990. the second edition (cover pictured above) is from 1996.

downtown guy said...

Thanks, I'll fix that.