Feb 5, 2008

"To keep you is no benefit. To destroy you is no loss."

The US Government would never sink so low as to torture prisoners. Well, only if they were REALLY evil men. And only if that was the fastest way to get the information we wanted. Because torture is well known to provide useful and truthful information.
After all, compared to a beheading, what's a little water or sleep deprivation? And we certainly wouldn't keep people locked in foreign gulags without hope of trial or release. Plus, I mean, waterboarding isn't really even torture. And we've really only used it a couple times recently. I mean, it's not like the CIA has anything in common with the Khmer Rouge or the Gestapo.

We're the good guys!


white rabbit said...

Mange indeed!

But apart from that, a little qute from over here that says it all...

Peter Carter QC, chairman of the Bar's human rights committee, said the ruling (this was a split 2-1 Court of Appeal decision that evidence obtained by torture was receivable in UK Courts)meant the Government was being allowed to "connive in torture". He added: "Under international law there is an absolute prohibition on torture. This is not just because it is an inhumane act but because of the rationale that the fruits of torture are very likely to be wholly unreliable and so it is irrational to rely on information obtained by torture."

That really is the point - anyone being tortured will tell their torturers what they think they want to hear and so is wholly unreliable quite apart from the small matter of ethical condiderations...

downtown guy said...

Exactly. There is not even a need to debate whether the ends justify the means when you can not shows that there are ends worth reaching via torture.

But just try telling that to the masses of people who have convinced themselves that action movies and "edgy" tv shows reflect reality.