Dec 3, 2007

Jack Womack

I'm reading Elvissy right now, the first thing I've picked up by Jack Womack. Technically, there are a couple of books set in the same placetime as this one, which came before it, but I don't feel like I'm missing any background or explanation that's really necessary. (They're usually referred to as the Dryco series, from what I can tell.) Womack describes these books as "today's world tomorrow, a little more intense and a whole lot worse".

Womack dwells more on economics and corporate power as a dystopian force than the blunt war or disease I've been getting a bellyful of. So far, it's an interesting twist on the Elvis-as-Messiah theme that several writers have been fooling around with. He's playing with language in a way similar to the "doublespeak" of 1984, and he manages to use that as an asset to the flow of the story - the twisted phrases don't slow me down.

Anyway, I'm enjoying it - I'll keep an eye out for his others, even the ones not on the list.

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