Dec 10, 2007

a good excuse to call in

Most mornings, I manage to catch at least 10 or 15 minutes spare time after getting dressed, before I have to come into the office. I usually spend it napping in my big chair in front of the weather channel, with my cell phone alarm set to keep me from dozing off completely. Being so close to the surface means that I often dream that I'm trying to make it to work but something keeps getting in my way - can't find my pants, can't find my shoes, my car is flooded, people in my house keep asking me for things and so on.

This morning, on the other hand, I dreamed I was standing in my doorway watching massive tanks roll down Monroe Street. When I heard bombs start dropping, I locked myself in, grabbed my cell phone, and starting trying to find my work number or my mom's number (I never remember stuff like that in dreamworld).

So, are the dystopias starting to affect my sleeping mind? Or just the evening news?

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