Apr 17, 2009

"increased pressure phase"

These memos should have been written by William Gibson, not our government.


runiteking1 said...

Totally unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

Here's a couple to add to your list.

First, short but it's hard to find: Unicorns in the Rain by Barbara Cohen. YA dystopia that turns into apocalypse. Some might find it cheesy but I found it moving and rather eerie.

Second: Ende, by Anton Andreas Guha. Post-nuke apocalypse, kind of a European "On the Beach" but written from the perspective of a journalist, and Europe of course would be smack in the middle of a nuclear war so has an immediacy the OtB lacks.

Anonymous said...

Forgot about The White Plague by Frank Herbert. Good Irish melancholy combined with a mutating plague that kills only women. Wahoo :)

downtown guy said...

Aside from the few apocalypse novels I threw in there, I'm really trying to stick to dystopias. The longer I go on with this, the clearer the line between those two.

Unicorn in the Rain, though, sounds really interesting. And I've actually meant to read The White Plague for years.

Laura Lee said...

Dude, when the VP of a nation like the US can claim he has complete authority over us, and simultaneous autonomy from second and third branches of gov due to the fact that he was simply NOT ELECTED - and he GETS AWAY WITH THE CRAP HE HAS DONE without so much as an investigation, a wrist slapping, what the hell are a few admissions gonna do to that prior administration?

How about Obama launches an inquiry? How about he not sweep the crap on which he rode into the white house under the rug? Until even the powerful say or do something, I feel like an ant. Maybe that's just my bad.