Sep 15, 2008

something in my eye

I've read, well, a lot of books this year. And some went some pretty depressing directions. But the last chapter or two of On the Beach actually made me cry a little. Glad I was at home, alone, when I read it.

I'll do a full write-up on the book soon. I've still got a few before it to expound upon, including V for Vendetta and Battle Royale.


Kylie said...

My, you've been a busy little blogger!

I love a book that induces a strong reaction in me. I've only seen the mini series remake of On the Beach and I thought it was pretty good. I positively bawled at the end.

downtown guy said...

The broker I am, the more I read. And I've been fairly broke. I'm actually behind in blogging.

But yes, pick up a copy of On the Beach and give it a go. A quick read, but a powerful one.