Mar 14, 2008

is it starting to affect me?

I'm watching a messageboard discussion about the Iraqi Perspectives Report, the huge Pentagon-sponsored study indicating no "direct operational link" between Hussein's Iraq and al Qaida before the US invasion of Iraq. As you might know, when the current administration found out what the results of the study turned out to be (no shock to anyone with half a brain at this point), they scrapped plans to have it available online right away.

In the course of this online conversation, an employee of the U.S. Joint Forces Command (the govt group in charge of distributing the report) popped up to say that anyone can easily aquire a free official copies. You simply go to the Joint Forces web site, click on "contact us", and send a request along with your name and mailing address, and they'll get that right out to you.

Maybe all these dystopian stories are starting to get to me, but it sure seems like the US government is very interested in knowing exactly WHO is interested enough to hunt down a legit copy and WHERE they live.

(By now, the report is available for free and as-anonymous-as-anything-else-online from NPR. But not from our own government.)

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